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Get Visible with Video


Get More Visibility with Video

YouTube Growth Strategy Consulting

Hey Christian Business Owner, want to learn how to:

Increase Website/Sales page Traffic

Reach More People with the message  god has given you

quickly build know, like, and trust with potential customers

Video is the way to go! Trust me, I know firsthand. 


Hi There!

I'm Sarah Grace Roberts

YouTuber, TEDX speaker, online business owner, wife, and mom of twins. I didn't set out to build an audience of over 10,000 on YouTube when I began my business. I was a home baker, making decorated sugar cookies while my boys napped, but the pandemic meant I could no longer bake and host in person events for my customers. That's when I created an online course called Cookie Classroom. I worked so hard to create my online course, and was discouraged when I didn't see the sales I'd hoped for at first. I had a major problem. I worked really hard to create a great solution to my customers problems, but they didn't know about me or the solution I provided. 


I needed a way to get in front of more people, so I could serve them through my product. 

That's Where

YouTube came in.

Growing My Channel Helped Me To:

Copying Down

Consistently Grow My Email List

There are subscribers signing up to my list today because of videos I made four years ago. 

Group Lecture

Build a Community of Support 

My Facebook group, Cookie Confidence continues to grow  with it's main source of new members being YouTube

Working with Financial Documents

Increase Sales and Conversions

By the time customers arrive at my sales page, we've already had several conversations in the form of video. I often hear "I feel like I know you already, even though we just met"

The opportunity to reach more people and serve them well in your business today and for years to come is available to you, and you don't have to figure out the how alone.


Content Consulting Packages focus on Three Key Areas to Help You Increase Visibility with Video:

  • Discovery- I help you develop a strategy to get your videos in front of  people who are searching for help with the problem you solve. This allows your videos to generate traffic and highly qualified leads for your business long after you upload a video. 

  • Engagement-your video has to hold your viewers attention in order to perform well on YouTube AND to establish trust, so you can serve them through your products/services

  • Systems-The key to sustained growth and long term visibility is the ability to be consistent in the action steps you take to publish videos. Creating a plan of action that fits with your busy life and business is key to long term success with video.  



Get Found Online

8 Week Self-Guided Course

Perfect for Christian Women in business at the beginning of their content creation journey. The perfect place to build your business with the Lord at the lead and create content for your business from a place of peace rather than comparison. 

Filming Self Using Mobile Phone

Your YouTube Year

Three Months of Weekly Done with You Consulting

We work together to create an interactive content calendar to help you grow your YouTube channel and your business visibility over the course of a year. I'll help you strategically plan a year of videos, coach you on camera confidence, and help you create a system for publishing videos that grow your audience. 


Content Strategy Call

Hourly Consulting Package

Get fresh eyes on your content strategy as well as a strategic plan for moving forward to get more visibility in your business for an affordable, hourly rate. 

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