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Amplifying the Message of Christian Coaches, Course Creators, and Online Business Owners through Content Strategy.

Consistently create content that gets your business found, builds genuine connection, and drives sales for years to come. 

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with Sarah Roberts 1

TedX speaker, online business owner, and mom of two

How I Can Help:

YouTube Marketing 101: Complimentary Intro Course

  • Understand YouTube SEO Strategy for channel growth

  • Grab My Channel Graphic Canva Templates 

  • Simple editing tools and tutorials

  • Connect with other Christian Entrepreneurs inside the Get Found Online Group

Content Marketing For Beginners: Inside GROW Community

  • See past the overwhelm and develop a focused content marketing strategy that fits your life, business, and schedule

  • Establish a plan for driving sales with content marketing

  • Understand HOW to get your content found by your ideal customers 

Your YouTube Year: Prepare for An Entire Year of Video Marketing in Just 3 Months!

  • Three months to create a solid plan, build camera confidence, and design sustainable systems to connect with your customers on video for an entire year.

  • One on One, weekly support via zoom

I’m Sarah Grace, a twin mom, wife to my childhood crush-we grew up on the same pew at church, online business owner, and your guide through the world of video marketing!


I didn’t even like social media as a teenager. For most of my life I thought it was silly. That is, until I was home full time after leaving my teaching career with two babies, who though adorable, weren’t much for conversation at the time.​


Hi There!


Through social media and the videos I found through search, I discovered a love of cookie decorating which led to the start of my home bakery business. That later morphed into my online business where I utilized content marketing to connect with and teach thousands of other women (and a few fellas) the art of cookie decorating.


It took me years (and quite a bit of coaching) to understand the strategy behind video creation and to develop the focus to achieve real results that translated to measurable business milestones. Though I don’t spend much time in the kitchen baking anymore, my channel continues to grow thanks to the strategies I implemented in each video. As your YouTube coach, I’ll help you create valuable video content that will be an asset to your business for years to come.

Thank You For Coming To My TEDX Talk!

Want to watch my TedX talk from TEDX Wilson Park 2023?

The video of the talk will be out soon, and you can watch it here on the TEDX  YouTube channel when it becomes available. 


Found content strategy consulting was created to serve coaches, course creators, and community builders seeking to create strategic content that continues to connect them and their message to the people who need it most for years to come through video marketing strategy. We utilize video marketing strategy for coaches, creators, and community builders to further the mission and message of your brand/business. 

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